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Kids Stuff
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Some great stuff for the kids .

Kids need a safe and straight forward introduction to computers and the internet.

The content below is mostly are aimed at the primary school age range (3-11) but some will appeal to kids of all ages. Everything is tested using real children and only those that go down well are shown here.

Many of the entertainment sites also go down well, particularly the movie trailers but watch them yourself first, just incase. The games page is also always popular although some of the games are too difficult for the younger ones.

Dress the animals


A great new learning web site for children to explore. On entering the site you can choose the appropriate school year. From then on you have lots of tailored content for your age group with activities for all the main subjects.

Build your face Just a simple page which kids love. They can build a face from the different eyes, hair noses etc. This is great for younger kids who are just getting to grips with the mouse.
magic numbers
Magic Numbers Poster site Winners of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Micro site award.
This little site lets you make a poster and stick it to their virtual wall. Simple to use and my five year old spends ages getting his poster just right and needs very little help.
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